Blockchain Powered Investments



ReGen Investment is a blockchain powered impact investment platform.

We offer entry points for sophisticated investors in accredited markets, crowd investors in USA, Europe and Australia, and Donor-led Impact Investment Funds globally.

We deliver solutions to our partners that enable easy investment into vetted social and environmentally impactful enterprises, projects and funds across the world.

Donor-led Impact Funds are one of the fastest growing source of funds and till now complexity in cross border transactions has prevented the trickle down effect from making an impact.

The application process is simple, fast and secure for investors and fund managers to access impact projects from across the world.

Our platform is made possible by our on ground investment management teams across Africa, Asia, Europe, USA and Australia-New Zealand. We bring high quality impact enterprises, projects and funds to our platform with our expert teams and global networks.

About ReGen Investment

Ventures use ReGen Investment to launch their innovative products to global markets. Our ICO Advisory and Securities Token technology stack combined with licensed securities partners give our curated investment offerings significant market reach. Digital assets are disrupting venture capital, traditional capital markets and IPOs. Investment into digital assets, exceeded $6.2 billion in 2017 and has exceeded $14 billion in early 2018. With just 0.5% of the global population owning digital assets, this is just the beginning.


Securities Token Technology

We create liquidity through smart tokenisation. The Liquid Token technology enables funds, ventures and asset owners to tokenise their shares, assets and funds on the blockchain. Total financial assets equate to $350 trillion globally and tokenised digital assets account for just $0.5 trillion. The token market is expected to continue experiencing significant growth. Liquid Token is poised to play a significant role in tokenising platforms, protocols, funds, ventures and assets across the Asia Pacific region.

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